Embodied Vitality 

I believe that your body is a receiver and that if you listen close enough, you'll pick up signals about your health, vitality, power, confidence & appetites. 

I believe you also receive these signals from your  people, situations, and the world. 

I believe that when you’re tuned into these signals, you know what to do and what’s right for you, in every situation. 

Unfortunately, our world conditions women to ignore those signals…which means it disconnects us from our own power, our own wisdom, our own knowings.

And that’s why it’s my mission to reconnect you with your body-soul wisdom. Your body-soul wisdom is your inherent, internal compass that always tells you the right choices to make -- from your professional life, to personal relationships and  the day-to-day choices about food and health and what really has you feel vital.

A Whole Woman Approach to Health & Wellness 

That’s my work as your practitioner: to help you holistically address all the elements of your life, from your relationship with your body and our culture; to learning how to better tune into your bodily signals (embodiment) so you can build your incredible life; to resourcing yourself with spiritual practices; to vitality-boosting nutrition and herbal medicine.

My training for our work together includes a coaching certification steeped in the co-active coaching method; a university degree in women’s studies and social work; and certifications in eating psychology, sexuality, relationships & communication, culinary nutrition, and herbalism.  Let's dive in.

You’re a multifaceted person and I’m a multi-faceted coach.

Hi, I'm Amy Jones.  I'm a Body Soul Wisdom Coach, Clinical Herbalist & Anti-Diet Nutritionist.  

I Help You Reconnect with the 

Power & Vitality in Your Body & Soul

So That You Can Feel  Vital and Powerful in The World

  • Repetitive attempts to diet & lose weight
  • Chronic fatigue, anxiety, always feeling behind or like you aren't doing all you should for your health, confidence and vitality.
  • Perpetual self judgment and feeling at war with your body
  • A genuine desire to improve your health and feel good
  • A looping storyline that this time will be different
  • This time you will try harder, make a better plan, burn more calories, not bring any carbohydrates into the house

But it never really works.

And it drains your self esteem. 

You begin to doubt yourself and worse, you start to resent and hate yourself.

After the multiple failed attempts at weight loss you start to consider that maybe this isn’t the thing. 

Maybe dieting, detoxing and the latest and greatest eating plan really IS a ridiculous idea. And so you start wonder how you could do it differently.

But then, just maybe, you start to question the whole thing.

You know this cycle…. 

In working together, you'll rediscover the power and body soul wisdom you inherently hold, the vitality that is waiting to be your greatest ally in making the impact you're here to make.  

We peel away the layers of conditioning that keep you stuck in dieting, body judgment and the perpetual hamster wheel of trying to lose weight and be “better.”

We work on the practical, tangible of nutrition, eating, cooking and life skill strategies to shift from feeling overwhelmed and frustrated.  

Through our work together, you’ll find that long sought after feeling of being comfortable in your own skin, finding peace AND pleasure with food on a daily basis, while reclaiming your self expression, power and presence- all while avoiding the landmines of body judgment and the tyranny of diet culture. (yes, you may likely lose all the weight of guilt, shame and struggle)

I do that by coaching you to change your belief structures and heal damaged eating patterns and by helping you rebuild your practical, daily healing skills using recipes, food recommendations, herbal medicine and building new beliefs & habits.

In essence, I help you reclaim your one wild and precious life*.

The answer is: YES YOU CAN feel good, look good and focus on your wellbeing, vibrancy and aliveness WITHOUT dieting, calorie counting and eating strange concoctions of food. 

That’s where my work as an eating psychology coach, clinical herbalist and anti-diet nutritionist begins.

I guide professional women from where they are to where they want to be with their relationship to food, body, confidence & health.  

We work on the intangible, emotional, cultural and mindset patterns.

Your vitality is greatest source of power in supporting your work in the world. 

Behavioral Coaching, Nutritional Health & Herbal Healing Plan

We'll do a full health intake in our first session and from there I will craft a food & herbal protocol that will create the foundation of our work together and upleveling your health: mental, physical and emotional. 

Simultaneously, we'll spend our time together unraveling the emotional and psychological ties you have to food, body & health- along with debunking the crazy making that diet and beauty culture has exposed you to. 

You'll also get: 

  • 2- 60 Minute Sessions Per Month
  • Custom Herbal Formulations for physical, emotional and spiritual support
  • Nutritional Guidance, Food Coaching & Easy Recipes
  • Text & Email Support In-Between Sessions
  • Recordings of Sessions for you to Revisit our Conversations and Recommendations Between Sessions

$575 Per Month with a 6 Month Commitment or One Payment of $3250

If You're Ready to Start Prioritizing Your Vitality so You Can Show Up in Your Full Power, Let's Do This Thing.

Embodied Vitality Wellness Program

My deepest heart's desire to guide women back to their vitality & power so their focus is on the work they are here to do, not the number on the scale.    

Scores of studies have shown us that women who lose weight like themselves NO MORE than when they considered themselves overweight. As they say, wherever you go, there you are. So let's be radical and work from the inside out this time. 


 As Eckhart Tolle says, Be at least as interested in what goes on inside of you as what happens on the outside. If you get the inside right, the outside will fall into place.

But friend, I am here to help you see that a life well lived is about SO MUCH MORE than merely attaining an idea of perfect health and thinness.

It just isn't possible inside the current dieting and weight loss paradigm we've all been brainwashed into. Let me show you a different way.  

 A note about weight loss: You may have noticed that I don't mention, and certainly don't promise, that you'll lose weight in our work together. By eating well, sleeping better and addressing the physical imbalances you're experiencing, along with filling your cup emotionally, spiritually and mentally, chances are you likely WILL lose weight.

Please know this. You CAN have the health, vitality, power and relationship to food & body you want. It is possible. 

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