I’m an anti-diet nutritionist, clinical herbalist, and women’s wisdom coach

I am here to change the cultural conversation about women’s bodies AND help you change your relationship with food, pleasure, power, & health.

Hi, I’m Amy Jones.

I help women, like you, stop obsessing about food, health and body image so you can turn that energy toward your power and work in the world.


I bring together the best of functional nutrition, herbal medicine, eating psychology and spiritual wisdom. I specifically work with women professionals and entrepreneurs on the rise.


You want to make a big impact in the world and you can’t do that if you’re struggling with health stuff, feeling obsessed with food and stuck in a loop of body bashing and insecurities.

Getting you to a place of embodiment, greater vitality and power to fulfill on your work is our work together.

Here’s how my training and approach will benefit you

Anti-Diet Nutritionist

I’ll help you find your own unique relationship with food by optimizing which foods work for your body, which ones don’t and creating new ways of approaching food and eating that are simple, easy and repeatable.  

Clinical Herbalist

The long history of connection to plant medicine and nature’s wisdom has been largely pushed into the realm of “alternative” but I use herbal medicine as a primary and easy way for women to restore their body’s balance, harmony and energy through potent herbal formulas customized for each women and her body’s needs.  Believe me, it works, even if you’ve never tried it or know anything about it.  

Women’s Wisdom Coach

I believe that at the root, every woman has deep and abiding wisdom that attunes her to the confidence, peace of mind, health and life she really wants.  But in a culture crafted on keeping women small, contained and second-guessing themselves, our Body Soul Wisdom often gets drowned out amidst all the expectations, rules and conditioning that we’ve all bought.  Our health isn’t just about our body, it is about our emotional, mental and spiritual health as well- I help you reconnect to yourself, dismantle the conditioning and build a new paradigm for how you move through the world. 

I believe in the power & wisdom of women’s bodies

As a former dieter and weight loss junkie, I know that our bodies will ultimately reject restriction and control for nourishment, pleasure, and satisfaction and that health, personal power, and confidence are not dependent on the size of our body, but our relationship to our Body Soul Wisdom

As a former doula, I’ve experienced the raw power and innate wisdom of our bodies

I believe this power and wisdom is the biggest untapped resource we have as women.

As a feminist, I recognize the degree to which societal conditioning and diet culture have pitted us against our bodies, our voice, our power, and our sovereignty.


I believe we’ve been systematically taught to ignore, deny and control this power through a pre-occupation (dare I say obsession) with weight loss, dieting, beauty and fitting someone else’s idea of a “good woman.”

I know that when we strip away the layers of societal conditioning and diet culture, we reclaim full access to our inherent nature, wildness, and embodiment.

As an herbalist, I see the inherent but often ignored connection between the natural rhythms of our body and the rhythms of the  natural world

I know the potency, spark, and electricity this natural expression can ignite.  It is kindling waiting to be sparked.

As a sister on the path, I am here to help you reclaim that spark so you can fully come alive.

What I know for sure is our soul essence is made of a centered, magnetic and fully vital energy that holds the innate power and wisdom that you’re wanting for your life.  You might call it confidence, peace of mind, self-esteem or happiness, but regardless of the name it goes by, that magnetic vital energy is your birthright and I’m here to help you more fully step into it.    It’s a place where all you dream of for your life- satisfying relationships, fulfilling work, vibrant health and an easy relationship with food and body- are possible.