Hi, I'm Amy Jones.

I'm a Body Soul Wisdom Coach, Clinical Herbalist & Weight Neutral Nutritionist.

I believe that your body holds an innate intelligence, your very own Body Soul Wisdom,  and that if you listen close enough, you'll pick up signals from that intelligence about your health, vitality, appetite and what you really, really need to feel more energetic, alive and confident.  


It's a wholly different relationship with health and wellness than what we've been taught.  In learning to tune in and heal root issues, rather than manage symptoms, a genuine relationship with your body & soul emerges. 

 I know that when you’re tuned into your Body Soul Wisdom, you know what to do and what’s right for you, in every situation: be it with food, health, relationships or self expression.

Embodied Vitality

Unfortunately, our world conditions women to ignore the wisdom of this innate intelligence…which means it disconnects us from our own intuition,  our inner knowings and our own agency to be at the helm of our wellness, health and embodiment.  Instead of turning to  the latest fads, pharmaceuticals or other invasive, external solutions, through 1-1 sessions with me, you'll  turn toward nature- your own internal intelligence in tandem with the healing properties the natural world provides as well.    Healing is so much more simple than we make it- believe it or not, you actually already hold the keys to healing, you've just been convinced that someone else holds your answers. 

And that’s why it’s my mission to reconnect you with your body-soul wisdom through helping you resolve chronic health issues like: 

  • digestive issues

  • PMS

  • headaches

  • low energy

  • skin issues

  • chronic pain 


 I also work with women on shifting their relationship to food, appetite, weight and body image- which lets face it, can often cause some of the health issues listed above.  As with most things, it's all connected.   Practical approaches, natural health solutions through herbal medicine, food recommendations, eating strategies and basic lifestyle shifts (i.e put that phone down at 2am!) 

Your body-soul wisdom is your inherent, internal compass that always tells you the right choices to make -- from significant life decisions, to the day-to-day choices about food and energy and movement.

Getting Started with Embodied Vitality

As a professionally trained herbalist, nutritionist, and coach across several disciplines; along with being a massage therapist, budding small farmer and  a former doula and cook,  I bring a unique blend of understanding to the realm of wellbeing, health, healing, bodies, food, nature and the cultural landscape we navigate it all in.


When we approach these topics through the lens we've been given, we approach this landscape with an aim toward control and management.


But through the lens of "relationship with" we approach this landscape from a much different location.  And in that location, some truly powerful, but simple, healing can occur.


Through the Embodied Vitality 1 on 1 sessions I offer, we'll start with a thorough health history in our first session- usually 60-90 minutes of where you're at now, where you have been and where you'd like to be. 


From there, I will create a customized plan of recommendations  for you that combine the best strategies for mind, body and spirit. 


This might consist of lifestyle changes (that I'll aid you in making) or nutrition recommendations, recipes, sleep hygiene, stress relief, whatever provides the simplest and clearest path to greater embodiment and more vitality.


I'll formulate and blend  one or two personalized herbal concoctions and mail them to you.  YAY, presents in the mail! (this is included in the session investment)


Then, we'll meet 2-4 more times (depending on your package) to work through the recommendations where I provide guidance, coaching, strategy and encouragement to help you turn the corner in your unique journey back to genuine vitality. 


1-1 Embodied Vitality Session Packages Include: 


►  A series of 3 or 5  60-Minute Sessions:  we'll decide together what package would suit you most based on where you're at and where you want to go

► A full health intake to help us see all the pieces and interconnections to be worked with and for you to more fully connect the dots of your health journey by learning yourself through this lens


► A unique, individual health plan based on where you are and where you want to be that will serve as a guide for the next 90days-6months

►  Personalized Herbal Formulations for physical, emotional and spiritual support

►  Customized Recipes and Eating Suggestions 

► Professional guidance, strategy and support as you navigate your way back to full health, embodiment and vitality

►  Text & Email Support in-between sessions

►  Recordings of Sessions for you to revisit our conversations and recommendations between sessions

► But most of all, the sessions include deep healing, peace of mind and a renewed sense that feeling vital, embodied and free of aches, pains and chronic issues really IS possible

     3 Session Package: $600          5 Session Package: $900 

Payments plans available


This about your whole health.


This is about your self-reclamation, enjoying the fullness of your life and living from real choice, freedom and embodiment. When you feel out of touch with your body and health, you feel powerless and out of control. 


I can guide you to experience your body as a source of power and enjoyment rather than a problem – while growing yourself -mind, body and spirit-to sustain that wellbeing and vitality for yourself, for the rest of your life.


This is our work, together. 

My deepest heart's desire to guide women back to their inherent body soul wisdom + power so their focus is on their vitality and greatness, not the numbers on a scale or a lab chart or the calories on the back of a package.  You have so much more to do in life than focus on inane numbers that don't really matter in the big scheme of your life.     


Contrary to what the experts and diets and fad cures want you to convince you, true, sustainable wellbeing starts from the inside out.   The gentle, personalized approach of herbal medicine and nature based solutions helps you create that long lasting, internal shift.  
As Eckhart Tolle says, Be at least as interested in what goes on inside of you as what happens on the outside. If you get the inside right, the outside will fall into place.

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Let's Do This Thing

Some FAQs about me and my work

I really just want to lose weight. Will your work help me with that? 

Let me first start by saying that many people believe that their health issues stem from their weight. But weight is merely nothing more than an indicator, it genuinely is just a number.  Most health issues (and extra weight) stem from other behaviors that are at the root of us not feeling good.  Solve those root issues and your weight may change.  It also may not change- BUT- what will have changed is that you've resolved the root issue and likely, what you wanted from weight loss, more energy, less aches and pains, more peace of mind, better sleep, improved digestion will finally be possible. 

Does herbal medicine actually work?

Yes.  I could honestly just leave it at that, but allow me to expand.  Ever wonder why most cough syrups are cherry flavored, particularly those from our grandparents day?  Because wild cherry tree bark was the genesis of what we now know to be modern day cough syrup.  There are dozens of examples like this in our modern pharmaceutical world.  A scientist knew that plants contained potent chemical constituents that healed humans and took that part of the plant, synthetically replicated it and voila!  We have Aspirin(from white willow bark) , Warfarin/Coumarin (discovered in Hay!), Digoxin (from Foxglove).  So yeah, plant medicine works.  And no one knows that better than the pharmaceutical companies hocking you their overpriced medications. 

I don't understand what you're talking about when you say "innate intelligence" or "body soul wisdom"

Have you ever walked into a room where other people already were and noticed that there was "tension in the air"?

Or maybe you've done something before that you couldn't explain logically, but it "just felt right."   Those occurences

of sensing and feeling are signals from your innate intelligence guiding and nudging you. Said another way, it is

the still small voice that some spiritual traditions teach about that resides in us all.   Like anything you do consistently, creating deliberate time and attention to listen for that voice and your connection to it

will strengthen.   Guiding, teaching and helping you re-orient to that voice inside will be part of our work 

together.  The first time I truly heard that voice was shortly after I got sober with food.  I went to the 

kitchen, stressed out from work, anxious and uncertain what to do with myself next and was opening 

cabinets looking for something to bury the anxiety under.  And then I felt this nudge, not physically

exactly, but not NOT physical that "said" (it didn't actually speak) you aren't really hungry.  Stop running

from your feelings.  It was a profound moment for me as abusing food had always been such an easy


Are you against modern medicine? 

Not at all.  I am immensely grateful for the treatments that have been created to cure things like 

Polio, cancer, heart attack, stroke.  The advances to decrease mother & child mortality rates, set

broken bones and a whole host of other emergency medical interventions we very much need. 

Modern medicine, also referred to as allopathic medicine, is focused on fixing problems through

symptom management.   My work is focused on identifying root cause issues and finding solutions

for the root cause so that the symptoms naturally resolve.  You'll receive support in alleviating the 

symptoms while we also resolve the root cause. 

Let's explore together

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