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Introducing the

Botanical Soul Membership

It is with sheer delight that I share with you an invitation into my membership program, Botanical Soul.
Botanical Soul follows the seasons with a cornerstone program for each new season that matches the rhythms of nature:

Program Details

Join us monthly, seasonally or annually


As the rush of spring and summer comes to a close and nature begins to turn more inward, as we do, spending a little more bundled up or indoors, we also are in a time of harvesting that which we sowed and reaped during the activity of spring and summer.

Botanical Soul Fall Program
Winter Program Details

➳ Personal practices that honor the quiet, still time that winter offers to recharge, reflect and  rebuild 

➳ Learn to listen more deeply to “winter” as a season and a metaphor for our life

➳ Exercises around setting intentions, and creating a ground of being that contributes to greater vitality

➳ Strengthen your skill in seeing beauty, meaning and connection in the unexpected

➳ Guidance and lessons around physical, mental and emotional rejuvenation and repair


Winter offers us an incredible opportunity to harness stillness to connect more deeply with ourselves, our loved ones and nature itself.  In the absence of big bustling growth and activity that happens the rest of the year, something truly magnificent yet simple emerges.​

Botanical Soul Winter Program
Fall Program Details

➳ Learn basic food preservation techniques 

➳ Create rituals of gratitude and thanksgiving for the bounty you harvest from your garden

➳ Learn to make basic herbal recipes, including teas, salves and other folk remedies to aid you throughout the fall and winter months

➳ Exercises on deliberateness, embodying gratitude, honoring the earth

➳ Lessons in how to change phases in our lives with grace, the way the seasons do


Spring is a flurry of activity and waking up.  In this season, we have the opportunity to take the quietude that winter offered us and stay grounded in spirit as we also become more active and engaged in the fullness of life, gardening and growing. As the adage goes, “go slow to go fast.” We learned to go slow in winter so that we can go fast in spring, and eventually, summer.

Botanical Soul Spring Program
Summer Program Details

Create rituals of communing with your garden and nature at large while it is in the peak of its bounty and generosity

Continue implementing your garden plan while also refining and evolving it with expert guidance

Receive guidance and solutions for specific problems related to pests, water issues or other growing challenges

Lessons & exercises on how to be active, fully engaged and alive with energy without depleting yourself

Learn how and why to succession sow your plants


Summer is full and lush. We don’t want it to end, but sometimes, between the heat, activities, vacation and long days, we can go, go, go without the intention and deliberateness we want for our lives. The summer program will aid you in finding balance and rhythm in the heart and heat of summer activities, while relishing in the growth and abundance that your garden will produce.

Botanical Soul Summer Program
Spring Program Details

Learn the practical side of starting, or waking up,  a garden- in ground, in containers or raised beds

Create a garden plan for yourself with expert input, strategy and guidance

Step by step instruction on starting and nurturing seeds, tending and transplanting seedlings

Find the beauty, meaning and soul food available in communing with the garden through exercises, reflections and prompts

Learn the basics of herbal medicine

Along with each cornerstone program, every Botanical Soul Membership includes: 

➳ Monthly food and medicine recipes + instructional videos

➳ Personal exercises to deepen your connection to nature

➳ Live teaching, coaching and lessons from me on:

➳ Herbalism, baking, canning, gardening, health, spirit, land...

...and whatever else the divine offers up to be shared.

But most of all, the sessions include deep healing, peace of mind and a renewed sense that feeling vital, embodied and free of aches, pains and chronic issues really IS possible.

While I’ve shared some of the logistics, truly, this is a program that is meant to speak to your heart and soul at a visceral level. To feel the nurturing, the warmth, the camaraderie and care that is present. And through that, the healing, joy and deep reconnection that can flourish in your life and the lives around you. 

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