Embodied Vitality

As a Body Soul Wisdom Coach, Clinical Herbalist & Weight Neutral Nutritionist...

I believe your body holds an innate intelligence, your very own Body Soul Wisdom, and if you listen close enough, you'll pick up signals from that intelligence about your health, vitality, appetite and what you really need to feel more energetic, alive and confident.


All about Embodied Vitality Sessions

Healing is so much more simple than we make it - believe it or not, you actually already hold the keys to healing, you've just been convinced that someone else holds your answers. Unfortunately, our world conditions women to ignore the wisdom of this innate intelligence, which means it disconnects us from our own intuition, our inner knowings and our own agency to be at the helm of our wellness, health and embodiment.


I know that when you’re tuned into your Body Soul Wisdom, you know what to do and what’s right for you, in every situation: be it with food, health, relationships or self expression. Instead of turning to the latest fads, pharmaceuticals or other invasive, external solutions, through 1-1 sessions with me, you'll  turn toward nature - your own internal intelligence in tandem with the healing properties the natural world provides as well.

And that’s why it’s my mission to reconnect you with your body soul wisdom through helping you resolve chronic health issues like: 

  • digestive issues

  • PMS

  • low energy

  • skin issues

  • headaches

  • chronic pain 

I also work with women on shifting their relationship to food, appetite, weight and body image - which lets face it, can often cause some of the health issues listed above. As with most things, it's all connected. Practical approaches, natural health solutions through herbal medicine, food recommendations, eating strategies and basic lifestyle shifts (i.e put that phone down at 2am!).

Your body-soul wisdom is your inherent, internal compass that always tells you the right choices to make -- from significant life decisions, to the day-to-day choices about food and energy and movement.


What is...

Embodied Vitality 1-1 Coaching?

Through the Embodied Vitality 1 on 1 sessions I offer, we'll start with a thorough health history in our first session - usually 60-90 minutes - of where you're at now, where you have been and where you'd like to be. 


From there, I will create a customized plan of recommendations  for you that combine the best strategies for mind, body and spirit. This might consist of lifestyle changes (that I will aid you in making) or nutrition recommendations, recipes, sleep hygiene, stress relief, whatever provides the simplest and clearest path to greater embodiment and more vitality.


I'll formulate and blend one or two personalized herbal concoctions and mail them to you. YAY, presents in the mail! (this is included in your session investment)


Then, we'll meet 2-4 more times (depending on your package) to work through your recommendations where I provide guidance, coaching, strategy and encouragement to help you turn the corner in your unique journey back to genuine vitality. 


Program Details

1-1 Embodied Vitality Session Packages Include: 

➳ A series of 3 or 5  60-Minute Sessions:  we'll decide together what package would suit you most based on where you're at and where you want to go

➳ A full health intake to help us see all the pieces and interconnections to be worked with and for you to more fully connect the dots of your health journey by learning yourself through this lens

➳ A unique, individual health plan based on where you are and where you want to be that will serve as a guide for the next 90days-6months

➳ Personalized Herbal Formulations for physical, emotional and spiritual support

➳ Customized Recipes and Eating Suggestions 

➳ Professional guidance, strategy and support as you navigate your way back to full health, embodiment and vitality

➳ Text & Email Support in-between sessions


➳ Recordings of Sessions for you to revisit our conversations and recommendations between sessions

But most of all, the sessions include deep healing, peace of mind and a renewed sense that feeling vital, embodied and free of aches, pains and chronic issues really IS possible.