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Be Kind, Give a Damn and Use Your Voice

Updated: Jun 27, 2019

The other night, someone commented on a post of mine with really derogatory and cruel comments about a shared friend of ours. It stopped me in my tracks, it was shocking and honestly, made me pretty upset that someone would be such a blatant jerk. These days, I live a really quiet life, markedly not filled with jerks who lack responsibility or compassion in their words.

A couple years ago, I stopped posting much on facebook because of this exact kind of behavior- the landscape I saw on facebook had become one of vitriol and an echo chamber- I didn’t want to be part of the mudslinging.

I went about my life in my own little corner, doing what felt right politically and socially behind the scenes and working on my personal life and business *away* from facebook.

But as this person continued to be a flagrant jerk in her comments, something in me switched. The protector in me rose up and I realized that my seeming hiding from FB was not doing me, or anyone else, much good. I felt inspired to re-engage and use my voice in the collective chaos that we all live in, even if I can only make a small difference in my corner of the world.

I have a voice, and a strong one at that, if I do say so myself. And I’d like to suggest that we use our voices to lift one another up, to call one another in, and to promote KINDNESS, respect and our shared humanity. None of us gets out of this life alive, so why not do our best to create good in the world rather than meanness and ignorance?

Maybe that will mean healing your wounds, or looking at your shadow behaviors. Maybe it means practicing more forgiveness, or using more compassion. Compassion is one of those experiences that can only be given once we have plenty for ourselves, so go ahead and start on yourself, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to see just how much it will transform your life. ❤️

When they go low, we go high. This isn’t about superiority or righteousness, its about staying true to our shared humanity and knowing that we are each brothers and sisters on this journey of life. So no more hiding from me. Let’s all use our voices, and our space on social, for good. Fierce kindness is the only way.

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