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Because out of the dark, light

The first exercise I offered the women in my Botanical Soul group was to contemplate their relationship the *actual* darkness that exists in nature. To go out and be in the dark, at night, and watch what arises.

So on this the last full moon of the year, I contemplate the darkness. This moon, of which I am awestruck, illuminating the ice covered trees and the whole of my backyard in beautiful light. I am reminded that darkness bears the moon. That as the Bible says, light was created out of the dark.

I am reminded that life comes from the dark, still expanse of a mother’s womb, that seeds germinate in dark soil, and don’t actually need light to do so.

I bask in the full feeling of knowing the dark, knowing my dark, and the sweet gestation and growth that comes from fumbling, sometimes on our knees, in the absence of light and clarity, as we make sense of the shapes of life that exist in the darkness. The things there are to know in this landscape! And how little of it we explore. May you use nature as your guide and your teacher to ever greater knowing, of yourself, through her.

Because whatever exists out there, exists in you.

It is all born in the dark. May we rejoice in all that we find in the dark and know it, as the true place of all creation.

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