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#bodysoulsunday Keep Choosing Your Choice

//Sunday Evening Musings For You + Your WellBeing//

You can gain all the knowledge and information, technical know how you want, but at some point in that journey, you just have to choose to launch. It is never really easy to choose, some of us hit rock bottom and life makes the other options look so bleak, we choose the thing we’ve avoided for so long.

But still, it always comes back to your choice.

There may (or may not) be a choir of angels, the heavens parting, some cataclysmic shift that accompanies your choice.

And this could be a choice about anything:

The choice to pursue a new a career

The choice to eat differently

The choice to end your relationship

The choice to have a baby

The choice to start treating your body (and yourself) with dignity and respect

Here’s the real nitty gritty of it: even if there were a choir of angels, the heavens parting and a cataclysmic shift when you made your choice, YOU HAVE TO KEEP CHOOSING IT.

Otherwise, it wasn’t a choice, it was a spark of a good idea, a momentary flurry of inspiration and desire that never really went anywhere.

Which leads us to my final point, which is that choice requires ACTION.

I used to hate action. I thought “no, no, no I don’t need some masculine, linear BS about taking action to feel healthier and more energetic in my body. All I need to do is change my beliefs and love myself more and it will all be fine. Let me just work with my darkness, make friends with it and POOF! I will be fine.”

Yeah, that’s not exactly how it happened.

I for sure DID change my beliefs, my mindset, love myself and make friends with my darkness, but even harder than that, I did wild things like ate 3 meals a day, stopped eating gluten, felt my feelings instead of reaching for gummy bears, pizza or chocolate chip cookies. I took deliberate action, which much to my surprise, put me in even deeper relationship with the internal wiring that had me so tweaked about food and body in the first place.

When I really started caring for myself through my actions, because I committed a no matter what kind of commitment, that’s when things really started to change. And it turns out, making the choice, especially in the difficult moments, is the thing that grew me and changed me and gave me the freedom and life I have today. It was, after all, the action that gave all the other stuff ignition.

So work the love, ladies. Work on changing the belief systems that hold you back. Say fuck you to the cultural climate around food, body and the stories you’ve ingested about what you can or can’t be.

But make a choice. Take action.  And then, keep choosing your choice. You only gots this one life. Let’s make the most of it, shall we?

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