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Food For Thought Thursday: Let Go of the Labels

Updated: Jun 27, 2019

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On and on and on, we’ve pitted ourselves into a game of tug of war with us on one side and “being good” on the other.

Except that being good is rarely defined on our own terms or inclusive of a full bodied definition of what genuine goodness could really mean.  Being good is usually fear driven- we’re afraid what might happen if we didn’t keep criticizing ourselves against the measure of “being good.”

Being good is usually synonymous with: What foods did I avoid today What did I push/force/effort to do (versus following what comes effortlessly and naturally) How did I withhold, restrict and deny myself

We’ve come to believe that restriction, avoidance and denial of our basic needs, our natural appetite and our organic experience is something to control and from that lack control (or lack thereof) we label, judge and criticize ourselves for not quite doing enough.

Or, in the rare case that we ARE able to hold the pose of control, we like ourselves. But that “like” is conditional.  Given or taken away based on how well you upheld the control.

And let’s be honest. Control SUCKS. I saw a client the other day who told me she LOVED the minimal list of foods she was letting herself eat. LOVED the feeling of control and working to “get the best out of her body.” I didn’t push her on it. I met her where she was and gently offered an alternative viewpoint around pleasure and an expanded view of health.

Several hours later she emailed me to express her gratitude and relief at my open and relaxed approach to health and the body. She admitted being run by fear around her health. I reminded her that fear is not fertile ground for health.

Cut out the labels and the control, the fear and the self loathing. Don’t know where to begin in doing that? Book a one hour, $37 Body Breakthrough Session with me and let’s start your roadmap.

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