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Food For Thought Thursday: Living Into What’s True

I don’t share about my spiritual life or the way it influences my work much at all, but if you look closely enough, you’ll see that what I am pointing to isn’t only about finding peace of mind with food or learning to embody your human experience. It is about remembering what is *actually* true (i.e. your innate Body Soul Wisdom) instead of what we’ve been force fed by the diet, beauty and “wellness” industry. Your inherent worth and wisdom have always been true. ⠀ It isn’t merely breaking up with diet culture, or healing your PCOS or building better health. Not that those are small things AT ALL. But there is something richer and more gratifying beyond all those insane cultural ideas. My work is in fact, ALL of those things, but it is ALSO about the remembering of our sacred relationship with nature, with food, with our bodies and with the divine. It is the honoring of that pulse of vital, electric aliveness that runs through each and every one of us, that connects us wee humans to the bigger turning of the universe, bigger than any stupid diet or pant size could ever mean. May you remember your sacredness this week and know that at any size, at any point of health, YOU ARE PART of the ever widening circle of love, union and connection in this world. And that THAT has always been true.

“If anything is true, then it has always been true; and people who sincerely search will touch upon the same truth in every age and culture, while using different language, symbols, and rituals to point us in the same direction. The direction is always toward more love and union—in ever widening circles.”- Richard Rohr #ajwriting

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