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Food Is Career Fuel: It’s Power, Not a Problem to Control or Manage

We’ve been taught that food, and more specifically, our appetite needs to be controlled, monitored and not allowed to get too out of bounds.

I’m here to suggest that food is not a problem, it’s power. And that eating well is career fuel, not a thing to try to manage and control, or ignore altogether because taking care of yourself is on the back burner.

For most women there is a calculation running, sometimes latent, other times quite prominent, around what we should choose to eat, what we did choose to eat, how we look and how well we’re doing at achieving the ideal standard that has been set before us. Many of us have internalized this calculation so fully that we don’t realize the extent of energy it takes, until we glimpse what it’s like to live, eat and work without spending that energy calculating if we did food and beauty right or wrong.

As an Eating Psychology Coach, Anti- Diet Nutritionist & Clinical Herbalist, I hear countless stories from women who question whether its okay to feed themselves regularly, if it’s okay to feed themselves “that” food or if they can really trust the impulse and movement toward satiation and nourishment their body beckons them toward.

The immense amount of questioning, managing, calculating and monitoring that goes into our relationship with food and appetite is an obscene amount of energy and effort that could otherwise be put to use creating, achieving and excelling at our contribution in the world.

The operative word being “otherwise”, as in women deciding to flip diet culture and the obsession with achieving a cultural ideal of thinness the bird and coming into real relationship with their body in a way that makes health, vitality and wellness as second nature as getting dressed or brushing their teeth.

Imagine taking all that energy you put into restraint and calculation around food, appetite and weight and instead put that on nurturing your ideas, building new projects and developing new offerings for your clients. And beyond the energy output that being obsessed with food takes from you, the truth of the matter is, YOU ACTUALLY NEED TO EAT; to create your work in the world, to show up and excel at the career you’re building for yourself, to care for your family, friends or children, being well nourished is the first component of having the energy to fuel the rest of your life. So it’s crazy that the very thing that allows us to function well is the thing we’d be at war with. Food is Career Fuel, it is the foundational energy source that gives you the Power & Vitality you need to ROCK your work in the world. It’s not the problem we’ve been brainwashed into believing.

Don’t get me wrong, I am well acquainted with the cultural pressure to look a certain way, uphold a particular standard of beauty. I’m not suggesting that you wholly ignore the culture you live in or be a total rebel that pretends you’re not affected by culture. I

I am offering you a different perspective and possibility of having more power and sovereignty over your food choices, body and appetite.

One that suggests that health and wellness are not only available, but quite easily achievable regardless of the size of your body. That health and wellness are not synonymous with being thin and that judgment, critique and obsession about food and body size do not breed wellness, they only breed more of the same.

What I know as a woman who has lived in size 14 body for most of my adult life is that when I make it a non issue, most everyone else does, too.

No doubt, I am sure I have people who look at hips and think I should spend a few more minutes on the treadmill, but I’ve so fully chosen to live vibrantly in this body and full out in my career and life, that I can’t really spend energy anymore obsessing about any judgment someone might be having.

I mean, I could spend energy in that way, because for a very long time I did; and in that time I was miserable, always subtly distracted and not able to give the full span of my creativity, contribution and leadership in my work.

If you’re ready to free up more energy to take your career, your life and your own well being to the next level, my Embodied Vitality Program is the perfect fit. Over the course of 12 sessions, we’ll address physical, mental and emotional health through coaching, herbal medicine and functional nutrition so that you can replace the contorted patterns and outmoded ways of thinking with a re-engineered relationship to food, vitality, power and confidence.

The approach I offer is not only holistic in that it approaches you as a whole being, but it also steps out of the current crazy making paradigm of weight loss, dieting and attempts at control. It steps into a paradigm of relationship with your body & soul, with what does and doesn’t work for you and how to uniquely listen to your body compass so you can thriveinside your own Body Soul Wisdom Health System.

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