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For For Thought Thursday: What Does It Mean to Treat YOUR Body Well?

Updated: Jun 27, 2019

We all have different bodies that need different things.  

Learning to tune into your Body Soul Wisdom is the key to learning your own personal body compass and what works and what doesn't- be it physical hunger, social & emotional connection, intimacy,  self expression or any other number of things that women tend to minimize, restrict or deny themselves. 

You can begin listening by doing simple things like paying attention to how you feel before, during or after a meal.  

Or how you feel when your boss wrongly criticizes you and you don't speak up for yourself 

Or paying attention to the textures, flavors and smell of your food

Or what happens when you have a desire for something- a latte, sex, a raise, etc- do you shut it down right away in your own mind, do you go for it, or do you simply daydream and never really act on it? 

Learning what your Body + Soul are asking for are the first steps to a more #embodiedvitality and satisfying life.

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