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Elemental Magic of Growing Food (or, communing with the divine through food)

Updated: Aug 25, 2021

When you grow your own food, you realize that there is something elemental about the act of eating, of being sustained and nourished- body and soul- by this thing called food. No longer is it just, "oh I’m hungry, what sounds good/what’s in the fridge/what should we order". Instead, a rarified sort of magic meets you, which might be the least expected thing when the common mind thinks about digging in the dirt, but in fact, that’s what’s in that dirt.

  • Reverence

  • Awe

  • Joy

  • Wonder


When you see food come out of the dirt, food that didn’t previously exist except for its DNA encoded in the most minuscule seeds- and you know that YOU put that seed there, you gave it a little water and the sun, soil and nature magic did the rest- you realize just how luxurious it is to be offered such sweet abundance from the dirt we mostly take for granted. How truly remarkable it is that some farmers grow fields and fields and fields of this stuff. That in your supermarket and the supermarket a few blocks over or in the next twin, there are dozens of this particular thing you just grew and WOW. The abundance of the earth really smacks you awake.

From this soil that we walk on, out of that sweet, dark fecund ground comes that which gives us life, energy and so very much pleasure.

And suddenly, this act of gardening with all its rules and suggestions and different advice around each turn becomes far more than a pragmatic practical act. It becomes connected. Embodied. Soulful.

Because in that moment of pulling that carrot, plucking that sun warmed strawberry, gathering the plenitude of fresh snap peas, you have just touched a little piece of the divine energy that runs through us, through all living things. And it captivates and inspires in a way that is mostly felt, not analyzed or narrowly quantified by language.

I do try to put words to it. To describe the full bodied experience that gardening gives us. But the truth is growing your own food is the sort of deep satisfaction, dare I say intimacy, that words don't adequately capture.

I’ve touched that spot of reverence, intimacy and connection in romantic relationships. So imagine my surprise when I also found that same spot of communion in the dirt.

It took me a few seasons to realize that in both those relationships and in the dirt, what I was touching was the divine spark that holds us all a bit spellbound. That intoxicating elixir of love isn’t just found with other humans, it’s right there, under our feet, waiting for us to pick up the spade and start the relationship already.

Which is why I invite you to join us in Botanical Soul this season. We start the course on growing food (and herbs) the week of March 15th. Create a new touch point to the divine; and to yourself, the land and the delicious, delightful abundance of food that is waiting to offer itself to you.

To join, shoot me an email hello [at] bodysoulwisdomschool [dot] com. I can send you more details and answer questions you have!

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