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Honoring the Seasons of Your Body to step off the Emotional Eating Crazy Train (Part 1)

Updated: Jun 26, 2019

Today I wanted to share a tidbit that I believe is one of the key reasons we aren't able to make peace with our bodies OR truly give ourselves the nourishment we really really crave: we aren't able (or simply don't) to turn off, unplug or cycle through the seasons like our bodies naturally need to.

In fact, if we do give ourselves "down" time (even that phrases poses rest as less than "up" or "on" time), we often feel bad about it or rush through it or maybe even mildly chide ourselves to stop being lazy and get back to it.

The irony is that when we don't fully rest, we can't fully GO. And so, we wind up going going going on a less than full tank and wonder why we are grumpy or dis-satisfied or always turning to food as our way to have a treat or comfort or pleasure.

You, just like the seasons, the cycle of the moon, night and day, ying and yang, need a time of rest and quiet and powering down.

I am a guilty culprit of this. I am REALLY GOOD at doing a lot of shit.

As the type A, organized gal that I am, I have tricked my "do more" mind into scheduling my down time rather than continuing to stay busy and getting to the downtime "when everything else is done. I know it sounds like an oxy-mororn to schedule rest, but every night, I give myself the last few hours of the day to really, really rest and enjoy. I take a bath, read a book, meditate or do a little yoga. I journal or drink a glass of wine or watch my current favorite netflix obsession.

Tell me in the comments below what your favorite way to re-charge is (and if you have netflix recommendations, I'm all ears!)

My encouragement to you this winter season is to really really give yourself time to rest, to enjoy your kids, your family and the parties and shopping that is on your list AND to fully give yourself over to rest and rejuvenation.

Even if that only means 15 minutes alone, locked in the bathroom or your bedroom each day where no one gets to interrupt you, do that.

You cannot draw water from an empty well and you my friend, do not desire a life that is running on empty. Fill yourself up with goodness that nourishes your soul, let the cycles and seasons of your day, your week and your life have their place. You'll enjoy your life and the people around you so much more. And you might just find, you like yourself a whole lot more, too.

And then maybe quite unexpectedly and not due to any dieting, gripping, efforting or force, you will find that reaching for that extra food may not be so tempting or interesting because you are full on the real nourishment that your body is asking for.

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