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Medicinal Plant Monday: Mullein

My friend @lindsaychrisler commented how much she likes when I do a little educational piece on medicinal plants. So here we go! This week’s plant is mullein! In Colorado, mullein grows everywhere happily, it can be found growing quite tall all over fields and sides of mountains. Pictured here, it’s growing in an alley smack dab in the middle of Denver. Mullein leaves are most commonly used for respiratory challenges: dry hacking cough, hoarseness, asthma and even to soothe hay fever. It is moistening, opening and soothing to lung tissue. It can be taken as a tea or even smoked, but as always, check with a certified herbalist as how best to take it for yourself. It can also help with colic in babies and constipation. Externally, an infused oil of mullein can be used for earaches and the flowers are supportive of nervous system challenges like neuralgia. Plant medicine is powerful!

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