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Medicinal Plant Monday: Your Old Friend Calendula

Updated: Jun 27, 2019

🌼M E D I C I N A L • P L A N T • M O N D A Y🌼

Calendula is that one friend you had in college who was genuinely kind and supportive to everyone and at first you were like, “that girl is a fake, no one can be that nice.” Except then she was really kind and encouraging to you and you were like “damn that is for real authentic!” ⠀

And you wondered how she did it and stayed so open and generous but really you were just grateful to know her and be able to benefit from her awesomeness. ⠀

Calendula is the friend that generously, unceremoniously and lovingly gives and gives to us. Just when you think you’ve found her limits, nope, calendula can help with that too. ⠀

🌼Calendula helps repair skin tissue, think burns, scrapes, bites, rash. ⠀

🌼Calendula helps repair digestive tissue that’s been used and abused from too much sugar, processed food or eating stuff your body doesn’t like and tears up your digestive longing (for me- wheat and dairy). ⠀

🌼Calendula is an antibiotic and antimicrobial powerhouse

🌼Calendula is a gentle liver cleanser ⠀

🌼Calendula is uplifting and can help with mild depressive symptoms⠀

She does it all and does it with a smile!** ⠀

Drink as a tea or use the tea topically for skin support. ⠀

**I’m purposely using a female pronoun for this plant as her energy and ability to heal feels motherly to me. ⠀

As always, consult a trained herbalist for whether or not this medicinal plant is right for you! This post is educational in nature and is not intended to serve as medical advice or replace medications or medical care in anyway.

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