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Remembering Your Connection to Nature

This moon has been a doozy since it came on the scene last week. So much energy, clarity and drive running through my veins and it’s just been a week! ⠀

Many regard watching the cycles of the moon, or nature in general, as “woo-woo” or “granola.” But it is neither, my friends. It is our root, what we are made of and what, whether we acknowledge it or not, what our own internal rhythms are connected to. ⠀

Our vast and diverse ancestry knew this and they listened, revered and followed the cycles of this most wise teacher called nature. ⠀

You can begin reconnecting with nature simply by beginning to listen to yourself. Or gaze at the moon, listen for birdsong, put your phone away and pay attention to the sky, the trees and the pulse of life that surrounds you.

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