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Simple Things That Change When Your Relationship to Food Changes

Last night I made my very own plum jam! I don’t share here all that much of what a #treehugger I really am, but I strive to live as close to the land and natural rhythms of life and earth as I can. This week, I picked plums from a neighbor’s tree and tried my hand at canning last night.

And it was a success!

When I was obsessed with food, sneaking it into the bathroom or secretly eating mcdonald’s on a side street on my work break, I would have never had the bandwidth to do these kinds of projects. Not because the food was the issue, because my insecurities, fears and anxieties, masked through my obsession with food, ran me so fully. Was I thin enough? Pretty enough? Successful enough? Everything I did revolved around trying to calm all that anxiety and insecurity.

And now, those insecurities are quiet, mostly. When they get loud, I can call on the set of skills and tools I’ve built to remind myself there is something infinitely more interesting and useful to plug myself into.

For me, that’s things like writing, dancing, helping other women step into their greatness and out of their body food obsession, gardening and now, CANNING. I am an #urbanhomesteading, #offgrid geek in the making.

I love living a life connected to the goodness of nature. All the things the insecurity used to keep me from, I now get to fully embrace. Where can you take one step closer to what you love and one step away from your insecurities? #ajwriting

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