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The Key to YOUR Shift: A Powerful Coaching Conversation

Updated: Jun 26, 2019

Since the beginning of 2015, I have been steadily building my coaching practice, mostly as a part-time endeavor.  However, I was boldly challenged by a fellow friend and coach to take the reins off my gifts and to REALLY start letting it fly!  And so with that, I accepted a challenge to schedule 100 coaching sessions in 30 days!

The idea was daunting at first, but as I stepped into the idea more and more, it totally turned me on and I am on fire with offering sessions and seeing just how fully I can impact others!

How it works:: you + me on Skype. 2 hours of uninterrupted quality attention and powerful coaching with me, at no cost to you. You’ll get insights & exercises, new ways of seeing. We'll go deep and you’ll be challenged.... and if I’ve done my job well you’ll move the needle from where you are to ever closer to who and where you want to be.  Whatever the topic, where ever you're at, bring it all and we can work some magic together.

Scoop up your spot here:

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