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The Power of Your Body

I LOVE the work of @megganwatterson and how her teaching of the divine and spirituality align so fully with my teaching of your Body Soul Wisdom, health and power.

As the quote suggests, I avoided avoided my body and all its feelings, intuitive nudges and sensations for the better part of two decades, burying it all under abusing food and denying myself genuine care, love and respect. It felt like scary, unwieldy terrain best avoided.

But when I finally broke free of that prison and started, bit by bit, learning the voice and wisdom of my own body and soul, it was the opposite of what I expected.

It was reverent and joyful and contained a surprising well of power and confidence and ease I thought was only possible when I succeeded at losing weight and being in control of food. (This is possible for you, too). I

invite you to listen to your divine powerful body just a bit more this week.

What is your Body Soul Wisdom saying today? 

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