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The Push-Pull of Exercise

Updated: Jun 26, 2019

See that picture above?  That's right, ladies. Those are my brand new running shoes. In an official sort of capacity, I have decided to start running again.  I used to run inconsistently several years ago and then never really took it back up.  But I'm doing it now.  With an entirely different kid of mindset.  One I think we all would do well to adopt.

Let me totally honest: I have had a love hate relationship with exercise (mostly hate) because the "shoulds" of fitness and exercise smack of being something different than what you are.   Like I need to get on the treadmill and hustle because if I don't the dreaded love handles will stick around. Or I might not burn off the dessert I so fully enjoyed if I don't kill myself at the gym trying to burn 600 calories.  You know how this line of thinking goes.  It's not unique to me.  It's prevalent all over women's magazines and "health" tips ( when health is used as a thinly veiled reason to work on staying thin) and all sorts of exercise and fitness webistes.  It's based in fixing yourself, in the "should" mentality, in finding your self acceptance and approval in the work out you've done, not just in simply being the divine human you are.

And as the rule breaker I am, I could never fit myself into a life of a bunch of shoulds and fixes and you-need-to-be-different (not that I wasn't totally plagued by all that thinking, i just was never very successful at it). So the only question that informs my relationship to exercise now is "Do I have fun while I do this?" Much to my surprise, I quite enjoy the rush and intensity I feel in my body when I run. Find ways to make yourself feel good in life and then those things become effortless and an automatic yes and THEN, health and wellbeing and even fitness start to feel pleasure and nourishing and exactly what your body and soul really want.

Nothing that serves to have you feel better should be something you have to drag yourself to do   So stop dragging, forcing and pushing yourself into a "should" and find the place of pleasure and fun (this goes for more than just exercise!)  It will change your entire experience.

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