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The Rewarding Work of Coming Home to Yourself + No One Else Has Your Answers

Updated: Jun 27, 2019

I have have been ambivalent for the past couple of years around marketing my business online. Luckily, I haven’t had to do a whole lot to keep a consistent number of clients in my schedule but I also know I could be reaching so many more people if I did more promising “I have your answer” kind of expert sounding posts.

And yet, I just can’t stomach the seductive (and often false) push button promise of an easy 7 step process, the propped up claims of total self transformation or purport that I am the expert who will give you magical answers you need to feel comfortable in your body, stop obsessing about your weight and finally be the woman you want to be.

Magical answers don’t exist. But, that doesn’t keep professionals from pretending they have them or women from seeking them out.

It would be so very easy for me to pretend that I am one of those, too; to tell you what to do with your life, to pull out a hundred different pithy sound bytes to blow your mind on our coaching calls. To give you the exact formula that worked for me and instruct you to follow that as your roadmap to success- lots of coaches and self help gurus do this and they make a lot of money for doing it.

That’s not my work in the world. And to be quite frank, anyone who does that with you is stealing your money- because what you’ve bought from them is not about you or your life- its about them.

This is the same fraud the diet and weight loss industry pulls (and yes, the more palatable "Way of Eating", still falls into this category) - "follow our formula and if it doesn’t work for you, well, its because *you* did something wrong, not because our formula might be flawed or faulty.”

Or-and I know this is crazy-because there is NOT A ONE SIZE FITS ALL FORMULA.

What’s interesting to me, and far more effective, sustainable and life affirming is helping women find their internal wisdom and soul voice- to teach women, maybe women like you, to build their own tool chest to reconnect with themselves and NOT have that connection, health or happiness based on a formula or strategy that they have to follow- and that if they don’t follow that formula, they don’t like yourself.

It sucks to have your confidence and peace of mind dependent on whether or not you’re on your eating plan, or not, whether you’re at your goal weight, or not.

Nothing makes me happier than a client who no longer needs me because she figured her shit out as a result of our work together. No woman is broken, she has all the answers to her food and body issues inside of her, buried under a cultural milieu of crap designed to keep us all from not really believing we got this.

If you’d like to get to this place, I’d love to support you in creating a new relationship with your body that prioritizes wellbeing, confidence with your body and ease with food.   I have just 7 spots for the entirety of 2018, so if you know that its time to ditch the body hatred and failed attempts at dieting, you can schedule a Body Breakthrough Session and discover a sustainable solution with me that will get you the change you've been seeking through diets and attempts at weight loss.

The other morning I was with a woman who went through my program last year and she commented at how free she now felt about food and body but how she was with a friend this weekend who had “indulged” only to hear this friend get on the scale the next morning and bemoan the minor weight gain from the fun they’d had that weekend.

That’s a crazy way to live, constantly obsessing about what does or doesn’t go in your mouth.

If you really want to have a different experience of your life, body and health, then your work is to focus on yourself and remove all the blocks that have kept you from that experience- not someone else’s opinions and beliefs about you, what will work for you or who you should be.

For me as a coach and nutritionist, choosing to go a different route hasn’t been easy- we are a culture that rewards absolute certainty, blind confidence and having an expert to tell us what to do.

And it doesn’t work. Dieting is a 60 billion dollar annual industry. 98% of those diets fail within just 24 months of starting them. And still, we don’t stop to question that quite possibly this is a broken system. We just keep pushing, convinced, like diet culture has so effectively taught us to do, that it is US that is the problem- our lack of willpower, our inability to be consistent, our unruly appetite that is the problem.

These are not problems, ladies. I know you’re probably thinking “yeah WHATEVER, Amy. You didn’t see me eat an entire pizza last night.” And my response to you in that situation is that chances are, that pizza is the only place you actually give yourself a little leeway, a little permission and the ability to really let go and give into your pleasure and desire (even if you later feel ashamed and judgmental of your choices).

I promise that if you start filling yourself up in multiple ways, shift the way you approach food, health and wellbeing, if you stop buying the bullshit that diet culture has taught you and you start seeing yourself as worthy *no matter what* and live from that place, the fixation and compulsion to stuff your emotions under food will lift.

But this isn’t a quick fix and it isn’t necessarily an easy path (life isn't meant to be easy all the time). None of the really good ones are. This is the rich, rewarding and freeing work of coming back home to yourself.

It looks different for every woman. There are no two paths that are the same. But it is undeniably your path, not mine. I can be a wisdom guide, a comrade on the path and a teacher that can show you that there is a different paradigm you can experience your life, health and body from, but it is only you, my friend, who can do the work to change your own life.

For sure, I have some expertise in the area of eating psychology and nutrition and wellness that I will share to help you refine your process, heal your body, upgrade your nutrition and vitality while we also work on shifting your mindset and habits.

We’ll traverse strategies and techniques and meal plans and all that good stuff that will support you in moving from A to B. But it is you that will do the moving.

I’m not interested in taking your money to give you answers or dictate how you should change yourself.

What I am interested in is helping you clear away all the bullshit that our quick fix culture has taught you and assisting you in coming back home to yourself with the tools, strategies and deep body soul wisdom that has been in you all along, patiently waiting for your attention so it can deliver you the experience of yourself, your body and your health that you’re truly craving. Only you know.

If you're ready to take that leap of clearing away the diet culture BS and find what really works for you to make the change you want to make, I'd love to support you in breaking the old habits and stepping into the life you really want for yourself.  Book an intro Body Breakthrough session with me here and let's discover what's possible for you to fully come alive.

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