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Where do you give your attention?

In my Botanical Soul Membership, we started our first seasonal program and I posed the exercise of connecting with the nuance and subtlety of nature, because it is rare in our world that we notice nuance and subtlety of most things, not just nature.

And so, this apple tree at the far end of my yard, full of dark, dormant buds, soaking up the cold so they can blossom their magic in the spring. Something most of us would walk right past, trying as fast as possible to get in out of the cold and snow. But these buds are so unique and layered, so many coming off of each branch.

It reminded me that in nature, as in life, things are happening even when we think there is nothing happening- as the growth on this tree fell away in the fall, the preparation for the next chapter began by the presence of the buds.

And so it is with the pulse of our human lives, too- because (IMO) the life force that runs through this tree is the same life force that runs through plants, animals, water and you and me. 🙏🏼

Your invitation is to turn your attention to the nuance and subtlety of nature, even for just a few moments a day so that you can then use that same skill in building a stronger, more connected relationship to your body and soul.

What is your body asking for? What is that still small voice of your soul quietly speaking? Make space for the nuance of this magical life so that you can tune into that which we've been taught to gloss over, ignore or at best, control and monitor.

The most wise part of you, which is likely nuanced and subtle, doesn't need you to control or monitor it. It simply wants your attention. <3

(Also pictured is my dog George who was freezing and not willing to move!)

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