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Nutrition, Food Habits, Herbal Medicine, Recipes, Cooking Skills

Untangling Beliefs, Body Image, Eating Habits,

Re-Wiring, Conditioning

We combine the best strategies, techniques, and practices so you can harness your body soul wisdom for greater vitality and more confidence to show up as a powerful force for good in the world.






Using your voice, Standing steady in your power, Honoring your innate intelligence, pleasure & spiritual  practices

that we all need to do work like this so we can get free of the cultural conditioning and socially-imposed shame to reclaim a right relationship with food, our bodies, and our personal power.

I believe 


You’re tired of feeling at war with yourself, hating your body, second-guessing your every move, rationalizing your emotions and feeling out of sync with who you really want to be as a woman.

You are ready to uplevel how you relate to your health and body.

You've tried all the diet plans, health fads and attempts to change your health and body- and yet none of it has really worked and you want a SUSTAINABLE solution for your body and health.

You want to heal and resolve the chronic health issues that you’ve been dealing with for far too long.

Some of the ways that you might know that working with me is right for you, right now


Women I work with experience:


for the challenges that keep them stuck when it comes to body shame, insecurity and feeling at war with food.  


to make their needs, health and wellness the foundation on which the rest of their life works.

Healing and Increased Vitality

through resolving health issues like

PMS - Anxiety - Digestive issues - Lack of sleep - Food obsession - Increased energy - Weight balancing


to what brings them Joy, Pleasure and Happiness (and then going and doing those things)

A Satisfying, Easy, & Enjoyable

relationship to Food, eating and knowing what does and doesn’t work for their health and body


in their Body & Soul and what it needs to thrive on the physical, emotional and spiritual level

Is the Body Soul Wisdom System Right For Me?

You’ll get the most success from our work together when you fundamentally believe that change is possible. This isn't another program where you get a to do list you get graded on. 

This will be a personal, transformative and paradigm shifting approach to food, body and health, once and for all. 

Real, simple, natural and effective health solutions will restore the energy, joy and verve you want for your life. 

Ready to go?

The Embodied Vitality Health Sessions are your ticket.