Your Own Body Soul Wisdom

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Hi, my name is Amy Jones

I teach women like you how to tap into their personal power,  confidence, wellbeing and vitality by tuning into their body soul wisdom so that they can:

Create a relationship to food, health, body that is personal and uniquely attuned to your particular body ecosystem

Rediscover and honor your innate rhythms, wisdom, appetite and desire as nature intended them, rather than how cultural conditioning has prescribed them to you

Build sustainable, repeatable health habits and eating patterns to dismantle the disease and discomfort that comes from ignoring or controlling your body through disordered eating, weight loss attempts, binging & restricting food

Creating habits, mindset shifts and emotional intelligence to handle the parts of our lives that we used to turn to food for


to nature,  to ourselves, and to one another, we’re able to live vibrant, healthier, satisfying and powerful lives by listening and honoring these relationship through the wisdom of embodiment.  When we can stop obsessing about the size of our thighs or stop battling our bodies, food and chronic dis-satisfaction, something seismic shifts in how we show for ourselves, our body, health and our work in the world.
It’s time to end the war against your body. It’s time to claim the vibrant health,  power & wisdom that is inherently yours. It’s time to come home to yourself so you can rock it out there in the world. 


Join the movement toward reclaiming
your own Body Soul Wisdom. 

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