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On Sex: How a Man Can Change a Woman’s Body Image (for the better)

If you didn’t have a chance to catch my article on Elephant Journal last week, here it is:

It was edgy, liberating and a bit nerve wracking to put it out there.  But I knew in my gut that I had written something that was real, authentic and true to the core, and when we share from that part of ourselves, there’s almost no wrong that can come of it.

And I am happy to say, the universe delivered!   My article has reached, 20,000 views!   I have heard from so many women how much the article resonated with them and it is an absolute delight + certainty that comes from sharing the most vulnerable part of you, and having so many people respond so enthusiastically of how much they can relate.

In a culture that encourages all women to shape, control and mold their bodies to one idealized version, It’s a brave and bold thing to honor your body just as it is.  Luckily, when you do this, the freedom, passion and confidence that rushes to meet you is well worth the leap.    If you’re ready for this kind of power, body love & confidence in your life, join me for my Sexy & Soul-full program.  We’ll transform your mindset, your body and your lifestyle to one where your body is a pleasurable place to be.

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