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What A Customized Nutrition Plan Can Do For You

Updated: Jun 27, 2019

I am aware that the phrase “customized nutrition plan” may not feel very sexy, but hear me out, because I think you’ll like what I’m about to say.

Most folks these days want a fast solution to their problems, a 5 step check list or a quick fix fad that promises to be the answer to what ails them. There is no place more rampant for this kind of behavior than the realm of weight loss and health (which are not, synonymous, btw).

Some questions I often hear are

“I think I need to detox/cleanse, can you tell me what I should do?” 


"I want to take some supplements to improve my health, which ones are good?" 


"I really need to lose 20 lbs, can you tell me what I should and shouldn’t eat to drop the weight before my sisters wedding?" 

While I don’t think blame does us a whole lot of good in our personal lives, sometimes you have to call a spade, a spade.  And in this case,the diet/weight loss industry and “health food” industry have largely perpetuated this idea of a quick fix, one size fits all slap on solution.

In an effort to get you to buy their products and their sweet seductive promise of change, they have convinced us that our solution is in their product.  But nothing you need to change internally is ever going to be found externally- not in health or spiritually.  True, long lasting change comes from rewiring from the inside out,  a la, a customized nutrition plan.    But, in case you still aren’t convinced…...

I could give you loads of statistics here that show why these types of quick fix options don’t actually work.

 I could tell you how 98% of all diets fail within two years of being started- that those people who initially had success on these diets gained ALL the weight back PLUS some in a 2 year time span.

I could reference how the diet industry is a 60 billion dollar annual industry.   If the diet solution was going to work for all of us, it would have worked already and we wouldn’t be spending 60 billion dollars a year trying the latest fad.

But likely, the statistics are really going to inspire or move you to action.

You know in your heart that the solution to your relationship with food and body isn’t going to be found in a 5 minute workout, a 30 day diet or a 7 day cleanse.

You know that this thing you struggle with has its roots in YOU, not in the candy bar you just ate or the pizza and ice cream you’re considering tonight.  You want to overhaul how you relate to yourself and to food in a way far beyond something a slap-dash 7 day reset cleanse is going to address.

Don’t you want to stop this fight with food and body once and for all?

To find a workable solution that will change the health of your food relationship, we have have to start with you, and a a customized nutrition plan that has you written all over it.

Don’t get me wrong, if you’ve read my other stuff, you know that I work by the deep seated belief that food is not the core issue to be addressed- food is neutral, it is your attachment and beliefs around food that hold the real magic and potency for change to occur.

My point here is that following someone else’s idea of what you need, following a mass market suggestions around food and health, isn’t going to address the unique swirling mass of atoms that is YOU.

Sitting with a nutritionist and talking through your daily lived experience of your health, body and lifestyle is the best, and my opinion, only way to create a plan for long term sustainable vitality and energy and verve.   Don’t ya just love that word?    We all could use more verve.

A customized nutrition plan takes into account your past, present and future- it creates a roadmap of where you’ve been and where you want to go and provides you the specific tools customized for you of how to get there.

When I work with clients, we discuss an entire range of health and body factors so we can make a holistic plan of what's missing and then we approach those pieces step-by-step.  It's not a one and done formula, in fact, its not a formula at all (hence that whole customized thing).  For some people, its eating more consistently, for others its actually increasing the amount of macronutrients that might be missing and for others the emphasis might be on sleep or stress management.  And of course, there is always the mental, emotional and spiritual pieces to address, which is woven seamlessly into everything I do.

If this sounds like something you know you could benefit from, I'm offering a kind of crazy affordable 4 session package at $247 where we'll create your own customized nutrition plan that combines the logistics of better nutrition and wellness practices as well as the spiritual and emotional side of living in your female body.  If you're ready to get started, you can pay your $247 here on paypal, or if you have questions, drop me a line at hello [at]  Once you've purchased, I'll reach out with my scheduling link to get your first session scheduled and begin changing your relationship to food and body once and for all.

Any true change takes time and effort.   Most change takes some sustained commitment on your part and  this is where the results and rewards become the sweetest.  When you commit to yourself, you’ve taken your first steps toward radical self care.

Stop going for quick fixes that appear seductive on the outset but actually serve up more disappointment and despair in the long run.

Step off the diet-binge-guilt cycle once and for all and step into a customized way of relating to food, nutrition and health that truly serves your uniqueness.

I'm offering a 4 session package for $247 to set you on a solid, customized foundation from which you can really shift your patterns and behaviors with food, body & health.  We'll combine the logistics of better nutrition and wellness practices as well as the spiritual and emotional side of living in your female body.  If you're ready to purchase, you can pay here.  Or If you're curious, to know more shoot me an email at hello [at] and let's do this thing.  :)

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